"If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."   

(John 8:31b-32)


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Having attended church almost our entire lives, it has been our experience that many times we have sung hymns and songs without REALLY thinking about what we are singing and without examining the message of those songs in light of the Holy Scriptures (The Bible). 

We have been remarkably blessed, convicted, challenged, etc. by "good songs", i.e. songs that have a clear message and are doctrinally sound. 

We have sung songs that are shallow and/or vague, and sometimes even downright confusing. 

We have also become aware of songs whose content is, either in part or in its entirety, simply not a proper reflection of the Scriptures and the true Gospel message. 

The quantity of hymns and songs is so great that even the thought of analyzing a good-sized sample is overwhelming. We will not attempt to do so. However, 

There are some songs that can be identified as examples of "good songs" - just a few of those are listed at the "Recommended Songs" link below. 

There are other hymns or songs which may be good for the most part, but contain something questionable thereby making it difficult to "wholeheartedly" sing the song "unto the Lord". A few such songs are listed at the "Songs with Issues" link below, along with an explanation of what the issues are. 

Lastly, some songs have serious defects from a Biblical perspective - a small sampling of such  are listed at the "Songs Better Left Unsung" link below, along with an explanation of the defects. 

We realize that fewer and fewer churches are using the "old hymns" anymore, but those that we have used in the links below nevertheless serve as illustrations. Ensuring that the songs we sing properly reflect the truth of the Scriptures is the responsibility of everyone who sings them!  

Please be aware that music is a very powerful media. Many people hold to certain beliefs and have their theology shaped by what they hear in songs (especially songs which are repeatedly sung or played) - EVEN IF THE WORDS ARE NOT TRUE! People can often recite the words of a song, but not the corresponding Scripture (if there even is one).


Recommended Songs


Songs with Issues


Songs Better Left Unsung



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